Sanfe Pee Device

10-11-2018  · Two IIT-Delhi students have made peeing in public loos easier for women with Sanfe. Know more about this product SANFE allows women to STAND AND URINATE eliminating physical contact.

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21-11-2018  · Sanfe is the most affordable and ergonomically made design under the expertise of IIT Delhi for empowering women to Stand & Pee and prevent UTI. An Innovative urination funnel, by which women can.

20-11-2018  · On World Toilet Day, two students at Indian Institute of Techology (IIT) – Delhi launched a ‘stand and pee’ device for women called "Sanfe" to help them avoid unhygienic public washrooms. The device is designed to suit women of all ages and all shapes and is priced at Rs 10. It will also be ideal for pregnant women, women with arthiritis, and.

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